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Used by Bedouins for centuries, our camel milk is gently pasteurised, maintaining so much of the nutritional quality we turn to camel milk for. Our milk is not homogenised and is naturally low in fat and lactose, high in protein and contains lactoferrin, that is great for gut health. 


With NO additives or preservatives our milk is ethnically and sustainability produced.  Our camels are kept with their babies to graze our green pastures. 

Because at The Camel Milk Co Australia we believe that happy camels produce the best milk for their babies and you! 





Our powder is made from 100% Camel milk. This FREEZE DRIED powder undergoes a very different process to that of Hot Spray Drying. 

CMV Pouch Element


Small amounts of milk are frozen on trays and placed under vacuum. Due to the vacuum the ice will evaporate immediately without turning back to water, and this guarantees that the majority of the taste, texture and the nutrients will stay intact.

The benefits of powder over Fresh milk is that it can last up to 18months longer and is shelf stable. 



Do you believe you are lactose intolerant but can eat Cheese and Yoghurt?

That’s confusing because Cheese and Yoghurt still contain lactose!

Chances are that you are not lactose intolerant then but are probably intolerant to a whey protein called beta-lactoglobulin (B-Lg)

B-Lg is a known allergen found in cow, goat and sheep’s milk. But it’s not found in human milk…and it also isn't found in Camel Milk!

Camel Milk is new to Australia but has been consumed for thousands of years in the Middle East. 

It has a beautiful light sweet taste with a faint salty finish. 

Unhomogenised and gently pasteurised. Easy on your stomach.

Try Camel Milk and Feta today!

🐪 Lower in Fat   🐪 Higher in Iron  🐪 Higher in Vitamin C

🐪 Lower in Lactose    🐪 Higher in Protein